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The Swarm (by Hamid R.)

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(by demilliac)

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I Love My Mother! (by VinothChandar)

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_MG_6347 (by shutupyourface)

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Freedom (by Abdul Kadir)

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The Artist Star Uggie Gets His Pawprint On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

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Panda Dogs

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Polar Bear (by zwn)

Barely a year since its first successful birth of clouded leopards, Night Safarirecently welcomed another litter of clouded leopard cubs, one of the world’s rarest and secretive wild cat species. The three cubs that arrived on 14 April 2012 were born to parents Tawan and Wandee, who had their first litter in May last year.

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After 115 Years Together, Tortoises Go Their Separate Ways

Sometimes, 115 years of togetherness is enough. Bibi and Poldi, two giant tortoises at the Austrian Zoo, are (slowly) going their separate ways after more than a century of companionship.

The straw that broke the turtle’s back came when Bibi (the female) began biting Poldi’s shell. Whether turtle or human, gnawing on your partner’s back is a sign that the relationship has hit a bumpy phase. Staff members of the Austrian zoo tried a variety of methods to re-light the flame of love, including aphrodisiacs, games, and couple’s counseling. Alas, nothing worked.

Zoo director Helga Happ told the Austrian Times, “We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.” Poldi has been moved to another enclosure, a rather big move. Poldi and Bibi had shared space for 36 years. Before that, they lived together in Switzerland.

We don’t recommend biting your partner as a way to get back on the singles scene, but you have to hand it to Bibi for making a big change after 115 years. It’s like she’s coming out of her shell. 

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Willy, NO swimming and talking on your cell phone! (by ucumari)

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Face off by ucumari